Frequently Asked Questions

Does a roofing company have proper liability insurance?

Liability insurance covers the homeowner/business owner from any potential legal issues that arise from accidents, damage or other unforeseen problems that arise during the roofing job. Ask the roofing companies you interview to see a copy of their liability insurance. Call the insurance company to see if their insurance is current.

Does the roofing company have Work Safe BC coverage?

All B.C. businesses that employ workers are required by law to register with WorkSafeBC. Companies can apply for insurance coverage and be protected in the event of a job site injury. WorkSafeBC coverage also protects the employee if they get sick or are injured while working on the job.

How long will it take to re-roof my home?

Most importantly is that we install with care and precision but beyond that we try to be as unobtrusive as posible to keep you comfortable in your own home while we generally complete a project within three to four days.  There are some variables and depending on the weather projects can sometime take longer.

Why is the ventilation so important?

Proper ridge venting plays an important role on your roof. Having a sufficient amount of venting prevents moisture, and condensation build up on your wood and throughout your attic. This can lead to mold throughout your attic. It helps to cool your attic properly in the hot summer, extends the life of your shingles and helps against ice damming. It is also a manufacturer requirement to have sufficient venting on your roof, without meeting this requirement you can void warranties.

How should I prepare for the installation of my new roof?

You should remove all loose items from your walls and shelves.  The constant hammering may cause enough vibration to shake these items down.  Make sure you have your driveway clear as well as the areas surrounding your home.  This is because of the chance that material from the tear off could fall in the driveway or the area directly around your home.  This will also give us a place to store the material for your new roof.  Also tell us which side of the driveway you want the dumpster so you have your preferred access.  It's all about making you as comfortable as possible. 

If my roof leaks, do I have to replace it completely?

It is not necessary to replace your whole roof if you have just a simple leak. There could be a problem with your flashing, it just needs to be fastened, re-aligned or replaced to prevent water from getting in behind. You can also have some critter problems that manage to nest in your attic through your roof/shingles. This can be fixed by replacing the area which has been damaged with new shingles. Typically the problems are common and can be repaired in an afternoon.

If moss is growing on my roof, is that a problem?

In moist areas, such as the Pacific Northwest, moss can and will grow on shingles. Although the moss doesn't necessarily ruin your shingles it can have negative effects. Moss can divert the path of water draining off of your roof, it can discolor the shingles, separate or lift your shingles, and it can retain moisture on your roof. While moss isn't the most serious issue, proper maintenance and preventative care can truly help the longevity and appearance of your roof. Moss can be brushed off, or if needed can be sprayed off or treated with a moss-killing chemicals.

What is roofing underlayment?

Roofing underlayment is the material, which is installed before installing shingles onto your roof deck. It acts like a second reinforcement on your roof, which prevents any water intrusion on your roof causing leaks. There are various types of roofing underlayment's, which can be installed depending on your choice. It is something that is very much needed, and is recommended by the manufacturer. Without it you can void part of your warranty provided by the manufacturer.

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