In moist areas, such as the Pacific Northwest, moss can and will grow on shingles. Although the moss doesn't necessarily ruin your shingles it can have negative effects. Moss can divert the path of water draining off of your roof, it can discolor the shingles, separate or lift your shingles, and it can retain moisture on your roof. While moss isn't the most serious issue, proper maintenance and preventative care can truly help the longevity and appearance of your roof. Most moss can be brushed off, or if needed can be sprayed off or treated with a moss-killing chemicals.

The following are a couple of DIY tips to prevent and avoid the development of moss and algae on your roof:

  1. Raking off Roof Moss - utilize an adaptable leaf rake to expel greenery starting from the earliest stage, the raking is done delicately to prevent rooftop damage
  2. Power washing vs. Sweeping – attempt a delicate cleaning starting from the earliest stage a delicate brush or a power washer. Note that sweeping or power washing a shingled rooftop can possibly damage a rooftop by breaking shingles or slackening the defensive mineral granules from the shingle surface.
  3. Algae growth Resistant Shingles – while choosing another rooftop, consider picking green growth safe shingles which are impervious to both greenery and green growth. This is particularly critical if your rooftop is shaded by trees and subjected to general dampness. This kind of rooftop may spare you expensive repairs later on.
  4. Introducing copper or other metal strips – By having these strips introduced along the edge of a current rooftop, greenery and lichens will gradually be slaughtered off as water discharges mineral salts from these metals.
  5. Give the rooftop surface more daylight by trimming back trees whose branches eclipse the rooftop surface. Keep the rooftop clean of natural flotsam and jetsam, for example, leaves or pine needles which may gather in the spring and fall, giving greenery the important supplements to develop.
  6. Finally, if the shingles are damaged and delicate, it will be difficult to clean the rooftop without bringing about further damage. If your roof is weak, please contact a professional as soon as possible.

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